Father's Day! Go do your chores.

Father’s Day at my house begins around 6 a.m. with a gentle nudge and heartfelt greeting from my adoring son.


“Sam.” (Yes, we’re on a first-name basis.)

“Can I have the iPad?”

Thus sets in motion a day that will be jam-packed with tasks and chores designed to remind me just how much I’m “appreciated.”

In the morning my goal is to take care of the dogs, run a couple of errands, feed the family and clean the kitchen all in time to prepare lunch. When that’s out of the way, I step outside to experience a sort of “groundhog moment.” If it’s unusually warm, I’m facing three hours of yard work. If it’s raining, I clean the garage.

Barring injury, the second half of the afternoon entails the first actual “father-son” activities of the day (only because the tablet needs recharging). This could mean a visit to the neighborhood pool or a bike ride. But more often than not, it’s one-on-one hoops in the driveway.

A typical game begins with Sam explaining the rules for 25 minutes, followed by five minutes of rigged competition during which Sam can amend the rules at any time, or call a foul if I make a shot.

On Father’s Day I always have this naïve notion that I’m going to find a few minutes to tend to a few work-related emails, or get an hour to mindlessly plunk on a guitar while watching a game. The last time that happened, I was interrupted after 15 minutes for some crisis or another that could not wait, and that I certainly could not repair.

Last year was one of the best Father’s Days yet. I took care of the yard the day before and nothing in the house broke that weekend. Sam and I had a good time at the pool and I even got to have a cigar while grilling some prodigious steaks for dinner.

I’ll settle for that any day.