Time to 
Make Good on 
Another Promise

I remember it like it was May 24, 1985.

In fact that was the date when I returned to my Austin, Texas hotel room at 12:30 a.m. after having been at work for 15 hours.

With me was my bedtime snack of a beastly burger, mountain of fries and extra-large, sugary-sweet soft drink. And a chocolate shake for dessert. I looked at the “meal” and thought to myself, “this is no way to live.”

Then I proceeded to ingest every last morsel before calling it a day.

When I woke up I vowed never to eat another fast-food hamburger. It’s a promise that I have kept for more than three decades. Pizza, doughnuts and fried chicken? That’s another story.

The truth is I could stand to lose 5-10 pounds. Ok, 15. All right, all right, 20 but not an ounce more!

I’m revealing this because I think it would be somewhat disingenuous to brag about the Health & Fitness issue of Brentwood Lifestyle as if I were some sort of fitness fanatic. I’m not. I’ve made attempts from time-to-time. But I’m just so busy.

One of the interesting things I learned while producing this issue is just how easy it is in Brentwood to get fit, and have a good time doing it, just by visiting one of the fabulous parks. I’m making a promise right here to visit each park at least once between now and the end of the year. If I can lay off the fast-food all these years, certainly I can take advantage of the recreational resources in my adopted hometown. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a residential area, a business district or the surrounding countryside, if you’re in Brentwood, there’s a park nearby.

I’m not issuing any challenges. I can do this myself. But if you’re in a similar situation and want to share your experiences, let us hear from you.

It’s easy to do so there really aren’t any excuses. It’ll be like a walk in the park.


In the March issue of Brentwood Lifestyle we inadvertently listed country singer Jason Aldean as a Parlour3 client. We regret the error.