Meet Michelle Smith 3

A Texas transplant that has become grounded in Middle Tennessee for most of her life, Michelle Smith has seen Brentwood grow from a quiet outpost to a bustling city unto itself. Here’s a close-up look at one of the more fashionable “Real Wives” of Brentwood.

BL: Who and what lives in your house?

MS: My husband, Ron, and my three children: Chase, who is a junior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville; Cole, who is a senior at CPA and has committed to playing football next fall at Centre College in Kentucky; and Carley, who is also at CPA in the eighth grade.

BL: Do you work outside the home?

MS: Yes, I am a stylist for Cabi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) a women’s clothing line. I have worked with them for the last 10 years. I have met so many amazing women and made friendships that are priceless! It is the BEST job ever!

BL: Where are you from? How long have you lived in Brentwood?

MS: I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. I moved to Brentwood with my family in 1980. My dad was in the music business and that’s what brought us to the Nashville area.

BL: What’s on the floor of your car right now?

MS: An umbrella.

BL: What is your Guilty-Food Pleasure?

MS: Nachos and anything Mexican. I love Italian, too!

BL: What is the title of the last book you read?

MS: The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.

BL: What is the best thing about living in Brentwood?

MS: The community and the people. I have always loved Brentwood. It has been a great place to raise a family! We feel very blessed to live here.

BL: What shows do you DVR?

MS: Downton Abbey, Shark Tank and The Profit.

BL: What is your favorite cocktail?

MS: A good margarita.

BL: What is your favorite sports team?

MS: The Tennessee Vols.

BL: Where did you attend college and did you earn a degree?

MS: I went to Samford University for two years and then finished my degree at O’More College of Design in Franklin.

BL: Tell us something about yourself that others may not know?

MS: Having lived in Nashville all these years, I have never been to the Grand Ole Opry!