The Fine Art 
of the Brentwood Lifestyle 1

I’ve never considered myself to be someone who truly appreciates art. At least not in the academic or historical sense. If you want to talk to me about classic works, great galleries or technical innovations, the conversation will be brief.

But as we were producing this Arts & Entertainment issue of Brentwood Lifestyle, I began to realize what a significant role art has played in my life. I’ve been a writer throughout my career, have been trying to figure out how to play guitar since I was in middle school and haven’t given up on becoming a decent photographer.

Throughout the years I’ve amassed what is, to me, a fairly substantial private collection. About two-dozen paintings hang on the walls inside my house, many more are in storage and I have more urns, bowls, vases and painted porcelain pieces than I can possibly count.

While I can’t tell you much about the artists, I can tell you everything about what the pieces mean to me. For example, the picture that hangs above my office desk is not significant for its aesthetics, but for decades it hung in my late grandfather’s office.

In this issue you will find some fascinating stories about how art has inspired so many different people from so many different walks of life, right here in Brentwood. Michael Phillips of Ansbach Artisans is a self-taught woodworker. For generations the Emamalie family has produced incredible custom pieces at Brentwood Jewelry. At Murff’s Craft Brews and Burgers, owner Woods Murphy displays a framed collection of brown-paper lunch bags that he carried to school – with colorful drawings by his famous cartoonist father. And few people anywhere have done more to make artists look their best than has Melissa Schleicher of Parlour3.

These are the types of stories that we will try to present to you every month through the pages of Brentwood Lifestyle. We hope you enjoy them.