The Crown Jeweler of Brentwood 6

Emamalie Family Providing Custom 
Jewelry for more than Half Century

At its core, Brentwood is a quintessential American hometown. It’s a place where generations of families have worked and played, graduated and married. That might explain how, even in a day of mass merchandising, a family-run jewelry store becomes an enduring and trusted source.

For over 50 years, Brentwood Jewelry has been owned and operated by the Emamalie family. And with three generations of service under their belts, they’re proud to have remained true to their family values by providing rewarding experiences for their customers.

Stop by on any given morning and it’s not unusual to see the owners, Salem and his son Brandon, holding court around the counters with customers and friends.

“When you walk into Brentwood Jewelry we want it to be a fun and inviting experience, not intimidating or high-pressure,” says Brandon Emamalie. You will always see the same people and our priority is to always provide what the customer wants. “We strive each and every day to make sure we have the best quality and best reputation we can, all while adapting to fit the increasing needs of Middle Tennessee.”

As a full-service jewelry store, Brentwood Jewelry offers unique, custom-designed pieces. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a calling card for a store that has operated in town for more than half a century.

Emamalie says that customers ask frequently how the store comes up with their custom jewelry designs. “Truth be told, for the majority of our pieces we will make a rough sketch and then go back and complete it once we have all the details clear in our minds,” he says.

He also notes that they can repurpose customers’ older and outdated jewelry. “Some people want to use all of the original material so the piece can stay as sentimental as possible, while others would rather trade and exchange their old jewelry for something new that will make them happy.”

Brentwood Jewelry also offers a broad range of jewelry repair, with five craftsmen onsite to provide all types of jewelry and watch refurbishing. Emamalie says they also have an authorized CW21 watchmaker, which allows them to repair watches in any category and condition.

It’s the kind of service that can continue to build trust for generations to come.

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