Welcome to 
Brentwood Lifestyle!

Welcome to the premiere issue of Brentwood Lifestyle!

We’re excited to provide you engaging stories about the people and businesses of Brentwood, Tenn. every month.  Our goal is simple: we hope to play a small role in helping the area flourish by producing each issue as a resource filled with interesting content, special events, community news, and more.

I’ve personally experienced the friendly, community-focused atmosphere that this area is famous for. From the events, local restaurants, schools, entertainment and more, we couldn’t be more proud to serve the people of Brentwood.  2016 is well underway and I see a bright future with businesses growing, industries expanding, and our families flourishing.

This publication would not be possible without the outstanding advertising partners that have placed their trust in us to reach Brentwood readers. We promise to work hard each and every month to be a good steward of your time and resources. We ask our readers to patronize our advertising partners as we are very deliberate with who we choose to represent us and our area.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my awesome team (and neighbors), the City of Brentwood, the NFIB, Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, and all of the other great local organizations for their outstanding support of Brentwood Lifestyle.

To our readers, we look forward to growing each month while providing you relevant and captivating content. Brentwood Lifestyle is YOUR magazine and we hope to do you proud.

From my family to yours, cheers!

Donald Hawkins, Publisher